Two Years of Growth with the Shoulder to Shoulder Family

Blog written by Alex Reyes (Tecnology assistant)

Graduated from secondary education as a technical in computer science in 2020 with all the energy and excitement to start my first "JOB" as a professional in my area. It was a very long 2020 end of the year, not because the days were longer than 24 hours, but because since it was still a year of covid-19. The packages took time to reach their destination because the customs areas had a very complicated delivery process.  My adventurous work journey began when the technological equipment reached the hands of Mr. Edel Andino (our tecnology director). April (2021) arrived, the team was finally in Camasca and I was called to start working in the technological factory on the “KOLIBRI” pilot project.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-02 at 16.19.40

In the picture, Alex coming back from a Municipality visit

Since starting, I have seen huge growth in all aspects of my life, personal and professional. It was an incredible learning experience, and I gained not only knowledge about computer science and technology, but also about life itself - lessons in how to be a better person. After nearly two years of living in my work environment and surrounded by work colleagues, I can say that I am surrounded by the best team with an amazing set of social skills; they are wonderful leaders, excellent communicators, mentors, and amazing parents to their families. It is them from who I learn day after day, whose skills I am able to take advantage of to build a better version of myself.


Pictured, Alex and his coworkers at the tablet factory

This year, 2023, the expectations are set in the same direction, and it will come loaded with fantastic projects and a lot of growth for the Shoulder to Shoulder family.

To my friends, directors and donors, thank you so much for this adventure that I am still living.