Meet the Team!

We are lucky to have a dedicated team made up of individuals coming from all backgrounds and that are both Honduran and American. Our initial education efforts came from past volunteer's work, all of whom were instrumental. Now as a formal team, each staff member brings their unique set of experiences and talents that complement an aspect of our mission and contribute to the multiple programs we manage. Meet them below!

Copy of Club Campestre Paul_Laura Dec 2013

Laura Manship

Executive Director of Shoulder to Shoulder

IMG-20190401-WA0000 (3)

Dr. Dick Buten

President of Shoulder to Shoulder

Chair of Education Committee


Minsis Ramos

Assistant General Director

edelberto andino

Edelberto Andino

Director of Information Technology


Alex Reyes

Information Technology Assistant


Henglyns Lemus

Robotics Coordinator


We thank all of our current and past team member for their hard work. To our Shoulder to Shoulder co-workers under other programs for their collaboration at different points. As well as all the volunteers who have joined our initiative over the years as they've all brought their strengths to the program. Below are pictures of just some of them. If you are also interested in volunteering, contact us.