of Honduran children who start in 1st grade do not reach 5th grade


of Honduran children do not attend school past 6th grade


of Hondurans live in poverty, earning less than $2.50 per day

Shoulder to Shoulder is deeply committed to improving the opportunity for education and providing hope for over 17,000 children in Southern Intibucá, Honduras. We believe that these children WILL succeed if they are given the opportunities they deserve.

Our mission is to provide techniques, content and resources to help Honduran educational leaders reach their educational goals. With three principle initiatives:

  1. Get more children into schools and keep them until they graduate high school
  2. Create more English language education to support the Honduran government mandate on English language instruction and to increase opportunities for employment
  3. Improve the access and quality of educational resources, especially for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Our area of incidence is in the southern part of Intibucá in a region known as the Frontera, as it sits on the border of El Salvador. There are 7 municipalities that conform the Frontera: Camasca, Concepción, San Marcos de la Sierra, Colomoncagua, San Antonio, Santa Lucia and Magdalena.


Our office map of our CREE schools at the end of 2019