In conjunction with our Intibucá mayors, we signed Letters of Understanding to reinforce our partnership and continue collaborating toward community success.

In 2023, as a result of our Letters of Understanding Intibucá mayors designated one staff member as Kolibri IT support. We invited them over to our STEM Regional Center to receive a full software and hardware training, needed to aid any Kolibri school with questions or problems. See pictures below.

They are each now certified Kolibri trainers and will help resolve any teacher inquiries about how to integrate Kolibri into daily teaching-learning experiences. Our IT supports have hit the ground running; trainings, meetings and help sessions have already taken place in support of our schools.

We are very happy to establish long-term sustainability after years of work. Our mayors are recognizing Kolibri as a great educational opportunity to expand around their municipality.

Outside Intibucá, more mayors are asking about this innovative technology, and soon more students around Honduras receive this benefit too.

Municipal IT support conducts a Kolibri Training