We have various projects in place to take a multidimensional approach at addressing Honduran’s educational problems. All of our work is done in collaboration with Honduran educational leaders so that their ownership will create sustainable change for the future.

Emely & family

Scholarships - Shoulder to Shoulder provides funding for scholarships which are administered by local committees in most municipalities in which we work. Currently we are providing scholarships for 125 children within five schools.

English language support is provided via three programs:

  • Via computer based education technology to assist in letter, sound, and number recognition as well as reading, utilizing Starfall, HelloEnglish, and other resources on the Kolibri platform delivered in a classroom-based localized server.
    • Over 20 English applications are downloaded onto Android tablets
  • Since 2018 we started a Kinder project for early English learning and support to a grade otherwise not eligible for our standard server- tablet model, due to their age. We work shoulder to shoulder with our participating schools to purchase a display device and project the tablet's English content to practice live as a class.
Class Portrait 1st Grade 2016

Mathematics and Science are hard subjects to teach well.  Many of our teachers are ill prepared in these subjects. They are further hampered by textbooks of poor quality, or no books at all.

  • Internet services in our isolated territories are unreliable. We utilize the offline Kolibri platform (previously KA Lite) from Learning Equality .
  • This comes with resources such as  Khan  Academy, PhET, MIT Blossoms and more in a "mastery approach".
  • We partner with the Ministry of Education and have received digital Honduran texts making them accessible to our schools.
  • RISE (Robotics Inspire STEM Education)
  • Technology including projectors, televisions and tablets are the method in which we deliver the content. To assist in ownership our communities give a financial counterpart and to increase sustainability we encourage schools to create a fund for replacing any equipment long-term.
  • Looking to support learning in STEM, starting in 2018 we have provided tablets to students in our 7 municipalities advancing in the Math Olympics. This promotes independent study as their math teachers do not always have the ability to provide independent coaching. In 2019, one of our students received a bronze medal at the national level.

Additionally, Shoulder to Shoulder has focused on combating malnutrition. In the past it's been through a micro-nutrient - Chispuditos, and now it is through daily eggs. Our nutrition program has developed to Hens Hatching Hope due to the Covid-19 pandemic and closed borders. We still provide daily supplement to children two years and under. This intervention aids in adequate brain development so that kids are well prepared to begin school.