The positive impact, curiosity and interest that LEGO robotics awakens in youth, garnered interest for expansion from the Intibucá Frontera Municipal Mayor Association (AMFI). As a result of this interest, Shoulder to Shoulder donated the regional LEGO competition to AMFI in 2022 and in 2023 they assumed responsibility over coordinating the competition. The competition took place at the Camasca cultural center, a team from Yamaranguila joined the excitement, totaling seven participating teams.

In 2022, each team faced great difficulties so it was decided to repeat the “PowerBots: The Future of Energy” LEGO challenge to reinforce and polish the desired abilities in youth. The challenge elicits a reflection on the negative effects of: using non-renewable energy, increased automation and increased consumerism. Instead considering alternative sources for renewable energy like sunlight, wind, rain, waves, tides, and geothermal heat. The mission was to create a robot that helps resolve some of challenges that arise from use of renewable energy. For more details, please read our 2022 LEGO page

One special feature of the event was the simultaneous participation of children between 4-6 years of age in a LEGO construction competition. The little ones gave life to the fabulous ideas that they invented in their minds. As they watched the older kids participate in the competition, we hoped for their interest in STEM education grow and they participate in a future robotics competition. 

PowerBots 2023 (2)
all preschool participants
Pre-K and Kinder student participants
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PowerBots 2023 (15)
lego competition 2023
Judges, StS and AMFI official with winners