Acclimating to COVID-19, the competition in 2021 is both virtual and in person and runs from late June to late September!

As the pandemic has continued to impact the world, the challenge for 2021 has continued being mostly virtual. The theme for this year is Discover and Recover as a way to remind everyone that STEM can provide solutions for global problems like COVID-19 and others and also help counter the effects that communities are feeling.

This year FIRST Global sent each team a kit to work remotely, unlike the past pandemic challenges. As we have all become more comfortable following safety protocols students meet in-person when needed, in the new Regional STEM Center - always with caution. We were all excited to receive once again our mentor Alan Ostrow, from the U.S. to help our new team members become introduced to the world of FIRST Global. What a great time!


Professor Alan Ostrow teaching FIRST Global in the STEM Center with Jessy translating

Our StS staff helping to lead this year are Minsis Ramos and Jessy Molina. From our communities, we have teacher mentors as well as alumni mentors joining us once more. And for the first time, we also invited a new municipality to participate this year- San Antonio. We now have students and mentors from 3 different towns of our Frontera region. Our StS staff has strategically created sub-teams this year to help divide responsibilities and give every members a chance to lead the entire group. As always we remind students that many skills are developed by participating in the team from STEM to leadership to task management.

We hope that this hybrid model will allow students to be more hands on this year. You can follow their progress and results on the team's Facebook page.


Students opening and exploring the kits after their arrival to Camasca!


Team picture after the kit delivery holding signs: "We are Team Honduras" "Thank you FIRST Global"