STEM Center dedication day

Sitting in the school library feeling the smell of wet earth that the rain left us plus, the smell of books behind me; I have started to make memories of how March was for us, we had so many activities, many moments and memories were built. This time I am writing about one that to me, was of the most exciting events that happened to our team, through the eyes of locals I could see the enthusiasm the new project just being accomplished was bringing.

The STEM Center building has been inaugurated and is now ready to be used for the teaching of STEM education, we are ready to challenge kids, but above all we are ready to let kids discover their talents…

Apologies for the humming in the background of the video, there was a generator running that day due to an electricity outage.

Although not all our guest attended personally, we received video remarks from the Honduras United States Embassy that were shown that day to everyone in attendance. You can watch the video here.

We were also very excited to receive a visit from a local reported the day of the inauguration who helped us share the story and purpose of the Regional STEM Center with our Frontera community through a Honduran media outlet. Below is the interview for you to enjoy.

Dr. Dick’s interview with Minsis Ramos translating