TEAM Honduras takes 15th place in 2019!! Also winning the judges' award for best story and trajectory.

The 3rd annual competition was in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from October 24-27, 2019. Our team was proudly there to represent Honduras and compete against many other international teams.

In 2019, the FIRST Global organization involved participants to learn about preserving the ocean and its wildlife with their Ocean Opportunities challenge. Participants were given a task to clean the "ocean" of pollutants by designing efficient and effective robots. Once more, students were recruited from our Camasca and Concepcion high schools with representation of an English-speaking student from La Esperanza.

Schools nominated 12 students and from those only 5 were chosen to travel. Nonetheless, all team members worked hard to prepare the team's presentation in Dubai through multiple avenues starting in July. Alan Ostrow and his wife Wendy once more came to train the team in robotics basics. We were delighted to have previous team members also accompany us for mentorship.


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