In 2018 we held out first Regional Competition with our LEGO Robotics frontera teams. We hosted the event in Camasca with four town teams. Following the WRO LEGO Mindstorms challenge for that year it asked teams to think about food waste around the world.

"A country like Thailand produces many types of food products. Unfortunately, much of that food ends up in landfills, or is thrown away, or goes unharvested on farms because of its appearance or age. Thailand's farms, businesses, and consumers use a large portion of their resources each year to develop, process, transport, and dispose of food that is never eaten.

The mission is to create a robot that can help reduce food waste. The task of the robot is to classify the food products according to their appearance and expiration dates and to transport the already classified food to the places where it can be used instead of wasting it, that is, to throw away the one that cannot be sold to a dump."