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Shoulder to Shoulder has technology projects in each of the schools listed below, divided by the seven municipalities. The projects range from English support through Android applications, STEM support through Khan Academy content delivered by offline platforms, and robotics involvement. The project goals and priorities are identified by the principals of each school to determine how to best invest the resources we are able to provide. We work and expand as donations come in or grants are awarded. Every school is at a different "phase" in these technology projects. Many are still waiting on equipment to be able to  utilize the resources in the most effective way in the classroom. We have learned that a little investment can go a long way in education and education is worth every ounce of investment. Take a look at our "best approach" understand more how we work and what we bring.

Camasca, Intibucá

Good Shepherd Bilingual School (K-6) Founded by Shoulder to Shoulder in 2012

Instituto Santo Tomás de Aquino (7-12)

Centro Básico Juan Ramón Molino (1-9)

Centro Básico Lempira, San Juan de Dios (1-9)

Centro Básico Francisco Morazan, San Ignacio (1-9)

Jardín de Niños Amanecer (Pre-K, Kinder)

Jardín de Niños Dulces Sonrisas, San Juan de Dios (Pre-K, Kinder)

Concepción, Intibucá

Instituto Guarajambala (7-12)

Escuela Mixta Urbana República de México (1-6)

Centro Básico Marco Aurelio Soto, Santiago (1-9)

San Marcos de la Sierra, Intibucá

Instituto Dagoberto Napoleon Sorto (7-12)

Centro Básico José Trinidad Cabañas, El Portillon (1-9)

Magdalena, Intibucá

Instituto Héctor Orlando Gómez Cisneros (7-12)

Centro Básico Francisco Morazán, San Juan (1-9)

San Antonio, Intibucá

Instituto Monseñor Alonso Villanueva (7-12)

Centro Básico José Trinidad de Cabañas, San Sebastian (1-9)

Centro Básico José Cecilio Del Valle, Santa Teresa (1-9)

Santa Lucia, Intibucá

Instituto Superación Santa Lucia (7-12)

Centro Básico Francisco Morazan, Santa Rita (1-9)

Escuela La Policar Bonilla (1-6)

Escuela Oscar Mejia Arellano, Las Marias (1-6)

Centro Básico José María Medina, Los Tablones (1-9)

Colomoncagua, Intibucá

Instituto Modesto Rodas Alvarado (7-12)

Jardín de Niños Rafael Pineda (Pre-K, Kinder)

Centro Básico Jose Trinidad de Reyes, Santa Ana (1-9)