Following our involvement in FIRST Global, interest for robotics increased greatly in our region. As a result, we decided to introduce an additional and more local way to involve our youth in learning about robotics. One of our volunteers at the time, Sandra Carey, had previous experience in using LEGO Mindstorms in her previous school. While WRO strives to have international competitions, it also does so internally in a country.

We spoke with WRO Honduras and were able to set-up a regional competition for beginner students, with the hope that in the future they can travel and compete with their peers from around the country. We follow their challenges to complete each year and as the number of regional teams has slowly expanded, including bigger clubs, we have delivered two kits per team to encourage more hands-on interaction.

If you would like to learn more about WRO, visit their website.

And meet our teams in the regional competition pages.

IMG_2500 (1)

(Sandra Carey, past volunteer)

2020 & 2021 activity

Due to the pandemic, minimal activity with Lego Robotics took place in order to keep our communities safe and readjusting to school. We still reached out to our coaches and made sure to document what excitement their students had through blogs.