What They Are:

As a response to increased interest in expanding technology use in schools, we began to partner with our local communities to continue investing in our students' futures. We have signed letters of agreement that are the base from which to work with shoulder-to-shoulder with elected officials, establishing Kolibri in more schools.

Mayors are in charge of purchasing presentation equipment, or securing other funding sources, as well as paying a symbolic price to get their tablets loaded with content. We then help complete the classroom equipment. Yet, we stress that the municipality's investment does not have to end there, if desired - and some have surprised us in their commitment to serve.

One last agreement is for the mayors to designate an employee to provide IT services to their constituent schools, especially to enhance sustainability in training new school personnel, that continues being inconsistent throughout a school year.


Committed to pushing for sustainability, our team worked hard to secure meetings with EACH elected mayor in Intibucá and have them understand the importance of our "Community Agreement." We are proud to have 17 signed letters! Click below to view each of them.