Our Star Teachers Program

The star teacher program was born with the good intention of rewarding outstanding teachers in the use of the Kolibri platform in the Border Municipalities of Intibucá. Likewise, this group of teachers are the unconditional support for other teachers who are still in the learning process. In other words, this group of professionals are the face of the Kolibri program. Each teacher is a living testimony of the impact that digital education can have on children who live in the most rural areas, places where families struggle every day to have at least a daily livelihood.

In the picture, 2019 star teachers team

How are they selected?

This process is quite tedious and difficult because there are several teachers who are very outstanding, what's more, there are some who face very precarious situations, without electricity in the educational centers, without access to transportation, but with a great desire to teach. These teachers may not reflect a large amount of time on the reports, but we are pretty sure they do their best to teach their classes because they make calls for help whenever they can. So, to select them we take into account the performance and the data that the usage reports reflects, we make the evaluations and finally the decisions.



With days in advance, at the end of each school year we prepare an invitation card for the selected teachers, we buy food, and each one receives a diploma of excellence and a small cash incentive.

Future plan

          For this 2023 our plan is to expand the program to the 17 Municipalities of the Department of Intibucá with a different strategy. We are going to include all the schools and we will evaluate in relation to the reports sent by each director of each school. In the end, we will take the average of the time used and the places with the highest rate will be selected. Our objective is to reward the teachers, the school itself, and the Municipal Director. This will be our strategy to motivate teachers to use the kolibri platform.

         To our donors, thank you very much for investing in the Education of our Intibucá’s children!