Never Stop Learning

This blog was written by one of our employees, Alex Reyes.

Stopping the learning process isn’t something that I’m personally characterized by, and I’m always finding myself in a constant search for ways to grow personally and professionally.

In the last two years I’ve had the opportunity to form part of the formation group with a Diploma on ‘Leadership for the development with focus on the improvement of life and culture of peace’ with the ecumenical Christian organization WORLD VISION. Their focus has much in common with Shoulder to Shoulder For The Children. It was a process lasting nearly two years, a process of learning and of acquiring a new way of seeing many aspects of reality in our society. We saw how to create security based atmospheres and harmony within families in our communities, making children in each home a priority. We were taught practices/skills that made us into some of the social service’s best leaders and communicators.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-07 at 15.36.11

In the picture, Alex receiving his diploma

We made new contacts with people from the organization that have direct access to the working environment with people of all ages, and it is fascinating to see how they put their knowledge into practice. There were more than 120 hours of training, this is one more of my list of compliments and professional growth.  All these knowledge and skills that will be replicated and transmitted directly and indirectly to more people. This, with the intention of creating a ripple effect of these good things, and to provide that seed of support to create a society of equality, justice, and abundant spiritual and family values.