Result of Perseverance!

San Marcos de la Sierra is a picturesque place, made up of humble and hard-working people, their communities placed in long distances one to each other, but  with many desires to get a better life- living style. We have heard testimonials from many young people who have to walk up to four hours to get to receive their classes at the schools, but the fact of receiving classes in a more interactive way using kolibri motivates them to continue attending their classes every day.

At the beginning of last year (2022) we began with the desire that the municipalities become empowered by the kolibri project, and they are the highest authority of each municipality. This process was a bit difficult with some mayors because it is a complete different teaching -methodology some of the teachers but for this teaching to reach children, we must start with adults.

In the pictures, San Marcos de la sierra

Due to the different obligations that the mayor maintains, our socialization meeting was canceled for three consecutive times, but in perseverance is the gain. Our desire never gave up, the reason, we know and we are aware of the impact that can be achieved when we work Shoulder to Shoulder. Finally, we were able to meet and not only shared the kolibri project with the mayor and vice mayor, but we also signed the agreement.

In the pictures, the CREE team and the mayor and vice-mayor signing the agreement. 

To follow up on our commitments, we have trained technical support technicians from each municipality and we are very happy that San Marcos de la Sierra has two people certified in the use of the platform. Once again we learn that, although it is difficult to concretize ideas and agreements, together it is better!

We will continue working hard so that every day the communities empower the educational projects   that will change their living style.