My High of the Last Weeks!

Although I stopped teaching back in 2020, I always enjoy having talks with the students. The talks we get to have are just  a delight to my soul. And as before Elvin has appeared on my post. He is one of the characters in this one, just this morning he came to my office and we started our conversation as usual, greeting each other we talked for a while the normal conversations we usually have. Then he came with his questions as curious as we may remember… so, part of today’s talk was

Elvin -Miss Nely what grade are you teaching?

Nely -I am not teaching, this year!

Elvin_ oh, I thought you taught, 

Nely _ I work at this office, I read all day long

Elvin _ and you get paid for doing this?

Nely _ Yes 

        _ You like reading, don’t you?

Elvin_ I do, 

Nely _ Would you like to get paid for reading? You need to read a lot, 

Elvin_ If I got paid for coming to school, I would be a responsible student

Nely _ Aren’t you responsible?

Elvin _ I am, but I would do much better, if I got paid

            I think I will propose this deal to my parents!..

I wouldn’t dare to forget the multiple times Aby comes to find me to help her look for books to read for her and her little brother, and also the talks we get to have as I sometimes accompany them as they await to be picked up by their parents. 

Another moment that I want to keep in my heart, as I move on, is the special place the 9th grade girls hold in my life. Their 30 minutes visits to my office just to catch up with our lives, right before they make it to school, and how special I feel because more than being a teacher I consider them friends. It is exciting when we start discussions and how they are able to come with valid arguments. 

That is about the talks I get to have with the little ones, I love it! It happens every now and then but they are for sure an inspiration to my life. I have enjoyed every moment I have shared with them. Talking about the book we are currently reading, or what was the most exciting thing going on with our lives. As I write right now my soul is delighted and my heart melts, by the memories we have built during this four years I have been sharing with them, I would like to share all the emotions, but I guess my vocabulary is too short to be able to provide you with a real description. Talking to my kids to me is always invested time , never wasted. 

PS: It was just a coincidence that I had a book open when Elvin entered my office, however because I am the reading program coordinator I guess it is valid if I were to spend my days reading!