Getting Ready for Hour Zero

Equipo de Hierro San Antonio is the host team for the 2022 lego competition.  Equipo de Hierro is working hard to be more than prepared for the big day, where all emotions drift in each person involved.  Doing fundraising activities to benefit the team and to also letting the community know about the project. They are excitedly anxious of being the host of the mentioned event so they are trying their best on preparing in the best possible way, so everyone can have an experience in which everyone who joins feels the emotion of the event, identified with the mission of the project, to encourage support to the implementation of these educational robotics programs. 

Students doing recreational activities for fundraising at San Antonio Institute

We are hopping we are giving all needed support to this amazing team, so they are organized the best possible, and everything goes as planned so we all have a great experience going to happen in San Antonio Intibucá.

Equipo de Hierro San Antonio involved many schools different ages for this recreational fundraising activity…

See you on the big day September 22nd,  2022

Equipo de Hierro San Antonio, is preparing its way to give as the experience of a successful event