Inspired by Reading

Writing is the road that transports knowledge through generations; Reading is the magic of getting access to that knowledge.

In Honduras, reading is not very usual for the kids, especially in rural areas. It has a simple reason, in most cases, we have to make a decision between buying a book or buying shoes, sometimes it is even harder, we have to decide between buying food or books.

Lighting up the way for our youth through reading.
Lighting up the way for our youth through reading.

 As Shoulder to Shoulder, we are using technology as a tool to put in the hands of thousands of students Digital Libraries deliver through the Kolibri Platform, so they can have the possibility to read among hundreds of titles in the public domain where they can explore this magic world beyond the borders and limitations.

In order to help them to do the first steps, we are using incentives to increase their motivation for reading. Usually, they join the reading program because of the intrinsic motivation, but once they start many of them get in love with reading. We can see the results of experiences of years before, even when the Reading Program is finished, students continue reading.

Since the beginning of this year, we started dreaming to include the whole Intibucá in The Reading Program, and now we can say it is true. We shared the idea with the Intibucá Educational Director Gloria García, she and her staff look at it as an excellent idea.

Now, working together and putting a lot of effort in coordination with all the education municipalities directors, we have started a Reading Championship that includes thousands of students in more than one hundred schools who have joined this wonderful experience.

I'll be more than happy to share with you the final results once the championship is completed. 

We are creating a community of readers who are opening their minds, increasing their self-esteem, leadership, comprehension, communication, belief in themselves, and more.

Our wish is to see a new generation being productive and peaceful as a result of reading. Leaders who will provide that skill to the next generation naturally and little by little to build a better future where our offspring will live.