Discovering the Marvelous Kolibri During our Intership!

The blog is written by our interns in 2022.

Linder, Marcos y Lizzy

The internship or professional practice is a requirement that every student must meet in their last year of high school. They had told us that it was a very heavy activity where perhaps they were going to exploit us with work at that moment we began to have a little fear. We look for our notebooks to refresh our knowledge. We went to the organization Shoulder to shoulder for the Children on Monday, August 1rst.

Our learning during this period of time

  • Kolibri is a platform that allows students to work from home and also requests that their teachers assign classes to reinforce the knowledge learned in the classroom.
  • Kolibri is an application of great importance worldwide because it provides materials such as videos and exercises to children and young people in their classes.
  • Kolibri is an effective way of learning because students can use tablets, each student had his user, and the teacher can evaluate his students from the computer. It is an amazing way to learn with a technological method.

In the picture, Lizzy and Marcos installing Kolibri

We feel very fortunate to have had this enormous privilege of carrying out our professional internship in an Institution that cares for the education of all students, especially for all students with connectivity difficulties. As we did use it when we were in nineth grade.


In the picture, Linder installing Kolibri

The last thing we can say that Shoulder to Shoulder team gave us all their support, understanding, and patience. They were always willing to contribute their technical knowledge, and dedicate their time to solving each of our doubts. Having worked with a educational plataform has been one of our best experiences, an unforgettable experience!

Thanks Shoulder to shoulder for allowing us to learn deeply about this marvelous word, Kolibri!