The Big Awaited Lego Day!

After seven months of planning, coordinating, and organizing the LEGO 2022 robotics competition, six teams participated in the third Lego season, hosted by San Antonio, Intibucá. The participants were high school and elementary school students.

During this time of preparation, each team developed teamwork skills, development of logical and mathematical thinking, design, programming, game strategies, problem-solving and personal proactivity.

Judges had a hard time grading as everyone had prepared well to participate.


WhatsApp Image 2022-10-25 at 11.57.51

In the picture, the judges making decisions

This year we had the involvement of other NGOs present in the region.  The Association of Municipalities in la frontera (AMFI) donated T-shirts for all the team mentors and the municipality of San Antonio helped the host team to raise money for the event.

We considered all the teams were champions. All the team members had worked untiringly, and this effort was rewarded by Shoulder to Shoulder.   We decided to give a prize to all the teams based on  their scores during the playing time. After the prizing proces, the draw for the next host was then held, and the municipality chosen was Camasca, Intibucá. For the next season, we expect to have 11 participating teams, not only from the region but also from the department.

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-25 at 11.57.50

Shoulder to Shoulder staff delivering the prizes.

Knowing the influence this project generates on the young people and children of the area, the municipal mayors have been interested on expanding the project to more educational centers of the department of Intibucá. Mayors believe this is a wonderful opportunity to  let the students get knowledge based on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). With this said, we are content to announce that from 2023 on, the AMFI association will be taking possession of the LEGO project donated by Shoulder to Shoulder to continue developing the competition in future years.

Students are truly motivated to continue learning using robotics as part of the process. We hope this opportunity will allow the youth to pursue their talents!

Our endless gratitude to all the donors that make this type of project possible!- Henglyns Lemus and Alex Reyes (Robotics program coordinators)