A Year in My Life

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This blog was written by our student worker, Beronica, as a reflection to her time with us.

Working for Shoulder to Shoulder has been my only work experience so far. I have grown in knowledge, strength and have had personal development. I have learned to overcome my fears of what people will say about me.

I remember when I visited San Antonio with Minsis and Edel, it was a very unique experience and I think I will never find bosses like them. It was a very long day and rich in learning. I had never configured a router before, I felt nervous, I felt afraid because I had never done it in high school. We were with two other teachers because they too had to do it, and Edel explained it to us. Meanwhile they took

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notes, pictures and took videos, I was the only one paying attention to what he was doing and explaining. And let me tell you I was up next to configure the router and again I was so nervous because I did not know how it would turn out, good or bad. In the end, it turned out well and I was happy with what I was able to do because while I was in school many of my peers would say that I couldn’t do this same task… well see, I could do it!

I have personally received many criticisms due to the way I am, I dress, and I express myself. Coming to work for Shoulder to Shoulder has been like an escape from my world in which most of my thoughts were silly and nonsensical because I had plans but I did not know how to execute them. Until I began talking with Mr. Andino (Edel), he helped me find a way to put my thoughts into practice. And I have even pushed my brothers to take advantage of their free time. When I told them about how they could invest money in some lands and reap the benefits, they were amazed. This was because beforehand I never motivated them or gave them new ideas. Today, my younger brother has a banana plantation, and my older brother has a yucca plantation. Thus, I have learned the value of life as well as the value of doing things.


Beronica as a student worker in 2019, at the start of her time with StS


Of course, I would also invite other youth to work because you grow in knowledge and personally. I would also invite them to read. When I invited my best friends to read, they were amazed because I was the complete opposite when I was studying and now I can advise them towards the good.

By being here I have learned more than I learned in High school. At the beginning I thought I was not going to last long in my job, because I did not know a lot. I have learned that when you are set on a goal and put all our efforts, you are capable of doing things. So many things that even you are left surprised.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Shoulder to team.