A Reason to Continue

Uncertain times continue with the education system in my beloved Honduras. It is hard to accept that it will continue to be like that, when we know the country is not ready for it. Virtual education is just out of context for most of us. Sometimes as we do our work with education it feels as if we are using our time to do things that will not bring any benefits in the short term, due to the education system not bringing us the desired results which sometimes tends to be discouraging. But we have a reason to continue; we have the desire of working towards a quality education, the desire of seeing Honduras succeed through the professionals that we help deliver.

In a visit to the STEM center

As time passes by, life does not stop either. Although it has been a hard time we have continued to work on our goals to contribute to the education and the development of great skills in the south of Intibucá. The STEM center’s construction is now completed! It is ready to be equipped, and it is exciting to know that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills will be developed and advanced there in the near future. It is thrilling to know that our youth will not be limited in their creativity. It is great that their dreams won’t just be in their dreams and hearts, but that they can now make them become a reality. Not just thinking of them but being provided with tools to enhance the abilities they already have. The Center has been finished, seeing its colors gives us the hope we were waiting for. It is not just drawn in a piece of paper, it is real; real to our sight and touch.

A picture of the STEM center taken on my way to work…

Every time I walk by, my heart melts at picturing an enormous group of young people working to build their future, not having to move away from their towns to find the opportunities they need. Having the center here in a rural area of the country is having achieved one more goal of the many we wish to accomplish. All as we work on our country’s education which has become our reason to continue.