Kolibri CREE Channel v.5

Happy New Year! Our team is starting 2021 off strong. As we continue to search and acquire new project opportunities, our goal to enrich and equip our Kolibri CREE channel persists.

In the last half of 2020 our team spent many hours creating valuable relationships with staff from the Secretary of Education. As a fruit of multiple meetings a week we obtained virtual textbooks from the Honduran government that could be added to our channel content. After processing this material to divide it into loadable content and updating previous materials, we are proud to announce that a version 5 of our CREE channel has been published!!

This includes:

  • 93 updated textbooks from four core subjects (Spanish, Math, Science, Social Studies)
    • Textbooks for students AND teacher’s guide books
    • Corrected math textbooks for high school grades
    • New Spanish textbooks, that are planned to be released nationally this year

We are excited to bring the most updated materials to an area so far away from the cities, where normally these books may take months or years to reach and are often not enough. With this newest update we will be combating all the factors working against our students during the pandemic and beyond.

This is just one more step towards our dream Kolibri CREE Channel and we hope that 2021 will bring us even closer to it.