Discovering the beauty of our gift

As we are in the Christmas season I am thinking about its beauty and all the details, families getting together, cooking, lights, games, and of course gifts! More than once in our lives, we have received a wrapped gift.  At the time of unwrapping, we look at all the details. Where this gift comes from, but our excitement is to look at what is inside of the box or bag. There is no way to know the details until we take-off of the wrapping, especially when the giver has put a lot of effort into choosing it.

Side view

Our STEM center is not a simple present; it is a wonderful and unique gift! It is bringing opportunities that many people have lacked for years. It brings hope and confidence that a better future is coming.  At the beginning of its construction, we had an idea of how it would look, but we couldn’t yet imagine all the details. 

Ceiling and floor

Now, our dreamed STEM center has a roof, decorated floor, and plastered walls. Every time we walk by, we feel happy and excited imagining the final result and the dimension of this gift. We love sharing some of the pictures of this process.

Back view

Little by little, we are getting the details of this upcoming project. There is no better Christmas gift than working together to provide educational opportunities to the youth in the south of Intibucá.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us put all these pieces together. Let’s continue wrapping life’s lasting gifts!

Merry Christmas to everyone!