The 2023 Reading Program

Our championship unites the profound emotions and passions ignited by the sheer joy of reading and the deep commitment to the teaching and learning process.

Our Reading Program aspires to foster the habit of reading, particularly in early childhood. We firmly believe that by providing students with opportunities to immerse themselves in books, we are equipping them with the tools they need to mold themselves into the adults they aspire to become. It is our belief that through the power of reading, students can chart their course toward success in life.

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Reading goes beyond just decoding words


When young readers immerse themselves in the adventures of The Jungle Book, the life of Little Women, or the wonder world of Don Quijote de la Mancha, they are not just reading words on a page; they are actively engaged in the creation of their own mental landscapes. This exercise in imagination helps children become better problem solvers and more innovative thinkers.

One of the most beautiful aspects of reading is its ability to transport readers to different worlds and time periods. Books invite us to explore the depths of our imagination, fostering creativity and encouraging us to dream beyond our current circumstances. For children, this is particularly important as it allows them to develop their imagination, learn to think outside the box, and envision a world full of possibilities.

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About the challenge

We extend an invitation to all students in Intibucá, from 4th to 12th graders. Participants are divided into the following levels:

Level 1: 4th to 6th graders
Level 2: 7th to 9th graders
Level 3: 10th to 12th graders

The championship's structure is designed to provide every participant with an opportunity to qualify and represent their respective grade. This is determined through a combination of assessment criteria, interactive games, and other engaging activities led by the teachers. Once this initial selection is made, champions from each of the three grades within a school then demonstrate their knowledge of the books they've read, competing for the title of champion at each level within the school.

The subsequent phase brings together champions from the schools in a municipal ceremony. This event serves as a platform for these champions to share their learning and insights, and a judging panel thoughtfully evaluates their performances. The goal is to identify a municipal champion for each level.

It's important to note that in Intibucá, Honduras, there is an internal division of associations of municipalities known as Mancomunidad. These associations are as follows:

AMFI: Asociación de Municipios Fronterizos de Intibucá
MANCURISJ: Mancomunidad de la Cuenca del Río San Juan
MAMUNI: Mancomunidad de Municipios del Norte de Intibucá
MANLE: Mancomunidad Lenca Eramani

From each Mancomunidad, a champion emerges for each level. During the grand closing ceremony, the judging panel, after assessing all participants, utilizes the established criteria to determine the departmental champions of the 2023 Reading Program for each level.

Path to becoming a champion for each level
Path to becoming a champion for each level

Discover the remarkable results of the 2023 Reading Program by following the link below. Don't miss the chance to witness the incredible achievements of our participants. Join us on this journey towards literacy and experience the profound impact of our program for yourself. Click here now!