The Power of Reading

The Reading Program is helping the students install a portal in their minds to access a limitless world via recreational reading. Unlocking the Potential of the Next Generation through the Power of Reading.

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In the picturesque mountains of Intibucá, Honduras, where vibrant culture meets breathtaking landscapes, a quiet revolution is taking place. This revolution is not marked by violence or upheaval; rather, it is a movement that seeks to transform lives through the simple yet profound act of reading. In this blog, we will explore how the power of reading is unlocking the potential of the next generation in Intibucá, a region where access to education and literacy has historically been limited.

Open Ceremony

Gloria García - Intibucá Department Education Director

On August 24th, we marked the conclusion of the reading program with a special ceremony. The event opened with a compelling speech by Gloria García, the Director of Education for the Intibucá Department. Her words were both inspirational and thought-provoking, emphasizing the remarkable progress achieved by the project and encouraging teachers to expand the reach of this invaluable opportunity. She shared captivating anecdotes that vividly highlighted the profound impact of reading in our lives, those were specially directed to the students.

Furthermore, Gloria reaffirmed the strong partnership between the Intibucá Department Education Direction and Shoulder to Shoulder, underscoring the alliance's remarkable productivity in benefiting children across the department.

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We are excited to announce a significant achievement from the 2023 Reading Program, where participants from across Intibucá had the opportunity to participate. This year, we embarked on a remarkable journey with 436 teachers representing 247 schools, guiding a total of 18,599 students towards the development and enhancement of their reading and reading comprehension abilities. A special thanks to the United States Department of State for being part of the sponsors of this project that is impacting thousands of lives.

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Students from three different educational levels actively participated in the program. Thanks to our generous sponsors, enticing prizes served as intrinsic motivation for schools, teachers, and students alike. While many students initially joined with the aim of winning, the process of becoming reading champions led them to develop and enhance their reading and reading comprehension skills significantly.

As they embraced a structured reading schedule and engaged in various dynamic activities such as games, reading discussions, and thought-provoking questions like "What would I do in this situation?" and more, an inspiring environment emerged. This environment not only encouraged recreational reading but also integrated it seamlessly into their daily lives. Reading became more than just a subject or homework; it became a portal through which they expanded their horizons, transcending the boundaries of mere academic tasks. It empowered them to evolve into critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, fostering a lifelong love for reading and learning.


In a world driven by technology, where screens dominate our daily lives, the simple act of reading a book holds a timeless power that can shape the future of our next generation. Reading is not just a pastime; it's a gateway to unlocking the full potential of young minds. The power of reading extends far beyond the pages of a book, and it plays a pivotal role in nurturing creativity, fostering critical thinking, and building empathetic individuals.

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Fostering a Love for Reading

To maximize the result and take advantage of the resources installed, we must actively foster a love for books from an early age. So, we provide training to teachers about effective reading and reading comprehension techniques at the beginning of the program, this year.

Here are a few strategies shared on the training:

  1. Set an Example: Children are more likely to develop a love for reading if they see their teachers, parents, and caregivers enjoying books. Make reading a family and school activity.
  2. Create a Reading-Friendly Environment: Make sure they explore Kolibri through the variety of age-appropriate books readily available. Create a cozy reading nook using the imagination and local resources, where children can escape into the world of books.
  3. Read Aloud: Reading aloud to young children is a powerful way to introduce them to the joys of storytelling and language. It's also a great bonding experience. Once they can read invite them to take turns to do this practice promoting a safe and confident environment that motivates them to participate.
  4. Encourage Discussions: After reading, engage in discussions with your students about the book's themes, characters, and lessons. This deepens their understanding and critical thinking skills.
  5. Be Patient: Every student's reading journey is unique. Be patient and understanding, and avoid putting pressure on them to read at a particular level or pace.

Lifelong Learning

Our goal is to create and stimulate the habit of reading, it is a gift that keeps on giving throughout one's life. When children develop a love for reading from an early age, they are more likely to become lifelong learners. They view reading not as a chore but as a source of pleasure and enrichment.

Lifelong readers are more curious, more informed, and more adaptable. They have the tools to continuously educate themselves, stay informed about current events, and explore new subjects and ideas. In a rapidly changing world, the ability to learn and adapt is a crucial skill, and reading is the foundation upon which this skill is built.

Through The Reading Program, students can explore the vast and boundless world of knowledge and imagination through the simple pleasure of recreational reading. With our effective and proven techniques, we instill a love of learning and a curiosity for the world around us in each and every student.

Our plans for the upcoming year involve a significant expansion of the reading program, reaching out to more schools and diverse educational levels. Our primary objective is to advance steadily in our pursuit of enhancing the quality of education within nurturing environments that inspire students with a genuine love for learning.


We're grateful for your participation in this exciting voyage of discovery, and for contributing to the wonderful gift of boundless possibilities that our children are getting.