Reviving the Regional Lego Robotics Competition

Written by: Henglyngs Lemus and Alex Reyes, Project Coordinators

In 2019 the second Lego Robotics competition took place, the host municipality for such an event was Santa Lucía, six municipalities of the region joined to participate. The selection for the next host event was done through a draw, the winner municipality was San Antonio, so we are going there for this year ‘s competition (now that we are back to in person activities). When the competition was over all mentors met to evaluate the process of the competition, what went well and the things we considered needed to change.     

We were getting ready to begin the Lego Robotics competition work for the 2020 school year. And suddenly the pandemic arose, our plans were in pause, it was difficult, we were not allowed to go out of our houses. And if we went out we needed to do self-quarantine to avoid any contacts that could turn out  contagious. And for most of the year, the same thing happened in 2021. And it was until 2022 when we were able to start again with the activities. At the beginning of the year we met with Shoulder to Shoulder authorities, and we were informed that there was the intention of starting the Lego competition once again, now involving 7 teams from the region.

Lego robotics coaches, sorting pieces for their team practices

We got back in touch with all the mentors of each team and communicated to them that Lego competition would be happening this year, we motivated them to start up their clubs and to also add new members to the team so they could learn more STEM knowledge. We have sent formal invitation to each of the clubs and we have had meetings to get to know the rules, the game field we will be using, the needed lego pieces to be able to accomplish this year’s challenge that bears the name POWER BOTS (the future of Entergy). All teams are working hard to build and program their robots to be ready for the competition that will happen at the end of the school year. 

Program coordinators, socializing the challenge each team will face on the 2022 competition

We continue working; and hold meetings every week to evaluate the progress.  We want to be ready for the day the event happens.Our expectation is that all goes the way we have planned it, to accomplish the main objective which is to give children and youth the opportunity of learning about STEM education!