Mechanics, electronics, programming, action… FGC2022

Team Honduras starts its race to Geneva


As is tradition every year, our national First Global robotics team will participate in this year's global robotics competition, we are very excited to be again among the more than 180 countries present in this year's challenge.


The event will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from October 13 to 16, 2022, join us in this race full of educational learning, technical challenges, mutual collaboration, where progress together is the main goal hand in hand with "Gracious Professionalism".

This year, as in previous years, the theme is based on one of the 14 Great Challenges for Engineering. Which consists of "Carbon Capture" being one of the main problems for humanity today because greenhouse gases are alternating the ecosystems of our planet, producing an abnormal heating of its surface.


Our team has already begun preparations for participation, we had our first meeting with all the team members and their parents, this with the aim of socializing the project by explaining to them what it means that they also understand being collaborators with their sons.

The students had an introduction to the First Global philosophy, what the project consists of and how STEM education can change their lives, also signed their paperwork committing to the team. They were delighted and very excited about everything that is coming in these coming months.

The day after our meeting at the STEM center in Camasca, the team had a meeting with our global mentor Allan Ostrow to discuss possible construction strategies for the robot. It is a pleasure to have Allan as our global mentor for another year because he has always been a essential support in all seasons of team participation. Thank you Alan!

Greetings from Team Honduras to the entire community passionate about STEM education, we recommend you subscribe to our newsfeed to be aware of the updates of the entire season, you can also follow us on our Facebook page Equipo Nacional de Robotica Honduras.

Let the race begin...


  • Hacknel Alexis Reyes Del Cid

    Engineering student in computer science, passionate about technology, trained with the values of STEM education, active member since 2017 of the Honduras Team for First Global Robotics and VEX Robotics.