A way through

Life circumstances challenge you; nevertheless, the way of answering them makes the difference in being successful.

In Honduras, Kolibri v0.15 answers many of the educational difficulties caused by the pandemic. We can see that many students face big challenges such as communication, economic condition, and Internet access. It is hard to find a place with a good signal, not even to do a simple phone call in the rural areas in Intibucá. As consequence, their motivation was decreasing feeling that they were not getting the knowledge needed. Some of them showed less interest in continuing, and even worse, some of them decided to drop off their studies. Statistically, we know that kids who drop off their studies between 7th to 10th grades rarely come back to school. The schools using Kolibri show significant motivation in their students to keep moving forward.

Students starting with Kolibri.
Students starting with Kolibri. “Honduras” School in Semane, Yamaranguila, Intibucá, Honduras in 2021

The schools that are using Kolibri have expressed good news. Thanks to the new features that Kolibri brings, the teaching-learning process is strongly supported by it. How is that happening? Now, Kolibri can be used at the school in direct time in the classroom, but also indirect time too, which means that the teachers can assign lessons to the students as homework to be answered at the school while they are working with other grades or from home disconnected from Kolibri through their student's devices app. The best part is, once they get connected to their local network at the school or during a teacher's home visit, all the work done offline syncs automatically between the server and the student's device. So, the teacher can see the student's work and understand how to help them quickly. The students can get the new lessons assigned by the teacher to them. All of this happens with no internet connection as a requirement but a local network. It is amazing!

Connecting offline communities with Kolibri
Connecting offline communities with Kolibri

These new features of Kolibri allow these students and teachers to go through thousands of high-quality materials like books, videos, exercises, and animations that make their teaching-learning process easier. They are saving money because they don't have to print pamphlets or pay to use the internet to do their homework, they said. With this technology, they can see videos of expert teachers who never change their mood, to whom they are not scared to ask, again and again, they just play the video all the times they want.

Schools' testimonies using Kolibri in 2021

Almost all the teachers shared with us the same stories; so, more than keep talking about it, I would like to share with you one of the videos that the schools sent us.

With Kolibri, we are going further, sharing high-quality education offline.