Giving Joy to the Giants of Tomorrow

Thanks to the donations of good-hearted people who help Shoulder to Shoulder economically or materially to make the projects possible. On this Opportunity, we especially thank Miss Sally for having thought about the children of our beloved Honduras in this area tagged as "The dried corridor ."It means that opportunities and resources are scarce.

At the request of our president Dr. Richard Buten, we created a program to donate the boxes of Lego pieces we received to different schoolers interested in obtaining them. Each school sent their written request to our organization's mail. In a very short period, we received 25+ requests, and only the first 16 were approved.

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 Lic. Henglyns and  Ms. Jatniel STEAM coordinadors

For us, the coordinators of the robotics projects at the STEAM center, it was a unique experience to deliver the boxes. Moreover, the happiness with which the professors received their donations was marvelous.

Also, the pictures reflect the content of the children developing their skills in building different designs that they imagine and create.

It is worth mentioning that we had hundreds of kids who had never had the privilege of touching a piece of Lego; what an exciting moment to have in their hands thousands of colorful Legos.

We receive messages and letters of gratitude for the gift of such a precious educational resource for the development of STEAM education.

Thank you letters

Coming  soon! This year the regional LEGO competition will take place with the municipality of Camasca. As a team, we have decided to create a Lego construction competition where all the schools that benefited from donating LEGO boxes will participate in a building with Lego competition. The purpose is for the kids to demonstrate the skills obtained when using these unique resources.


Thanks, Sally, for helping us bring happiness and hope to our forgotten kids in Honduras. May God bless you abundantly!