This thanks letter was written by Edson Morales, a student member of the First Global Robotics Team of Honduras. During the whole process he had positive attitude and willingness to work, it led to him being chosen as the outstanding student of the team.

My name is Edson Morales, I am a member of the National Robotics Team of Honduras and I am a student at Guarajambala high school, in Concepción Intibucá.

I have been a member of the robotics team since 2021, one of the things that motivated me to be a member of the team was the desire of learning about robotics, programming, and assembling robots. I was also encouraged by knowing that during the competence I would be meeting many people from around the world, their traditions and culture, and that I would also be able to build some relationships with them.

Along the way, many challenges were faced, personal challenges, school challenges, and the competence itself was a challenge, but what motivated me the most was the learning process we went through, I was present in every reunion we had, it did not matter if it was in person or virtual I always wanted to attend. The challenges given for the competence were satisfactorily fulfilled. I also knew that by the end I would have more knowledge and that I would be able to share it with the kids of my community so they develop some love for robotics.

The knowledge learned that I recall the most because of the impact it had on my life is programming, I was attracted to it right from the beginning I wanted to learn more about its use, not only to program a robot but to apply it to real life, in areas of education and health.

One of the greatest things that happened to me during my time being a member of the team, was being selected as one of the outstanding students, reason that led me to earn a prize, the feeling of receiving such a prize was so exciting, it is impossible to describe it. My family rejoiced, it has been the best prize I have received in my whole life, and I am very thankful because it is helping me a lot in my high school classes. I am a year to graduate and I study informatics, in the future, I plan to study Computer Engineering or Graphic Design, which has been my life dream.

I will always be grateful to you Shoulder to Shoulder!


Edson Lindolfo Santos Morales

Edson receiving his reward for the hard work done during those months of competence…