Preparing to Expand VEX v5 2022

This blog was  written by  our robotics program's coordinators, Professor Henglyns  Lemus and Alex Reyes.

We started 2022 with a meeting with the Shoulder to Shoulder authorities where we talked about the future of the VEX Robotics project, at that meeting, they notified us that we would be coordinators of the project.

Very happy we begun planning activities to start working, creating new teams in different communities in the south of the border of Honduras and El Salvador, specifically in the towns of San Marcos de la sierra, Camasca, and Santa Lucia.

In 2021 we were working all year meeting with a group of young collaborators who belonged to the first Global robotics team in different seasons, they developed different activities to learn this new form of robotics. We develop many skills in an unstructured way such as: construction skills, programming, teamwork, leadership, and communication.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-02 at 11.22.44 AM
Two of our collaborators training themselves

Our focus at the beginning was to immerse ourselves in a methodology with a teaching-learning structure developed by experts in the field of educational robotics. Alex Reyes found a VEX Robotics teacher training program online. This program consisted of learn how to teach through the implementation of STEM Labs.

We developed the training in 10 units. It taught us the true objective of robotics and the reasons to create an education using STEM. One of them is to prepare young people who are capable of developing as people with skills to work with the robotics of the future.

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Professor Henglyns and Alex's Diplomas

We feel very satisfied to have obtained all this theoretical and practical knowledge that gives us confidence to teach others. As part of expansion plan, this year we will train three new clubs with children and young people from the border.

Thank you very much to our donors for helping us to make it possible!