People of All Ages Using Kolibri to Learn!

Some people in the world are afraid to change their routines; others simply gather their courage, overcome the fear, and start using the learning methods available to them. Josias is a science professor at Dagoberto Napoleon Sorto Cisneros Institute in San Marcos de la Sierra. He has been using Kolibri for three consecutive years, although he initially started using KA lite. At the beginning, he spent much of his time trying to understand this educational platform and then teaching his students. He was excited about this great new teaching tool and did not find difficulties in learning how to manage it himself, but implementing it with his students was very laborious. His students were curious and excited about the program, but afraid to damage the equipment. Professor Josias had to give them a therapeutic talk about the importance of learning with technology.  It took a while for them to get used to it but in the end, the majority of his students liked using this new resource.


Professor Josías teaching his students how to use kolibri.

At this point, you might be wondering, what inspired Josias to take the challenge? Well… here is his anecdote.  He had heard how some of his students they would like to move to Camasca to continue studying. Then, he wondered, “Why do our students want to go to another municipality? What magical thing is taking them over there? I have to go and discover it!” When he came to learn about KA Lite, he was surprised at how much technology schools in Camasca were using, including robotics. Wanting the same too for his high school, professor Josias took the challenge upon himself and was willing to motivate his peers to do whatever was needed to get this amazing equipment, and they did it!


Students from San Marcos de la Sierra completing their homework using Kolibri

Professor Josias is the leader in using Kolibri in San Marcos de la Sierra. In 2019, a unique opportunity was presented to science professors in Intibucá, contests would be held. To receive permanency work, a professor in Honduras must pass an exam in their area of specialization. In the beginning, professor Josias was undecided whether or not to take the exam. He felt unprepared and did not want to be embarrassed for failing it.  “It was two weeks before the exam, I started looking for the list of content I need to get ready for the exam, and immediately I told myself ‘all these topics are in Kolibri!’ I opened my computer, logged in and started to study and guess what… I passed the exam!!” There is no doubt that this amazing learning method is not only for students in 1° to 9° grade, it is for everyone willing to learn. Professor Josias’ daughter who is four years old is already using the platform! He chooses suitable videos for her to start learning how to count.

I asked him for his advice to other professors who want to start using the platform. His response was, “Not to be afraid of the change!” He mentioned how some professors just see a computer and they immediately think it is something very difficult to use, but the reality is that they just need constant practice.


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Knowing about these stories pours joys into our hearts and gives us the courage to keep working for a generation ready to take on challenges and change upon themselves!