Opportunities + perseverance = Success!

Do you remember Kenia? Yes, you are right! Kenia is a student from San Marcos de la Sierra, one of the poorest municipalities in Honduras. In 2021, Kenia and her mom left the country three consecutive times, trying to cross the USA border, but it was impossible to achieve, and she got deported. The last time she returned, classes at the school had advanced, and she felt incapable of meeting the teacher´s expectations. There was too much content and homework to get done. For Kenia, dropping the school year was the best option. 



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The day Kenia received the tablet

Professor Josias ( Kenia’s teacher) contacted us and explained the situation. He asked for a tablet with Kolibri for Kenia to fulfill her academic tasks to avoid losing the school year. Thanks to the US embassy, we received a grant and had some tablets. Of course, we gave a tablet to Kenia. She not only completed her assignments, but she also finished the school as part of the honor roll. Kenia finished high school last year. 


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What a privilege it was to be on Kenia's special day.

As in many places worldwide, in Honduras, the percentage of students who attend University is meager. For Kenia, going to University is a dream she cannot complete, and her family cannot cover the expenses. Facing this situation, Kenia decided to enter the police institute. 

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“Nothing would be possible without your help. Thanks to Shoulder to Shoulder and the US Embassy for believing and investing in me. Thanks to God and you, Honduras has a new police member.” - Kenia 

It is one more example that opportunities + perseverance = Success!

To the US Embassy, thank you so much for helping us to bring more opportunities to our kids!