Joining forces for digital education in Honduras

The CREE team attended the first digital education conference, "Towards a Connected and Sustainable Digital Education." With this, the Honduran government intends to connect national and international companies that provide Internet services according to connectivity standards and offer educational and technological innovations currently being developed in Honduras in collaboration with SEDUC (the Secretary of Education) related to connectivity and digital education.

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CREE team and  banner

We learned about what other NGOS are doing to provide a better education in Honduras, most of them are providing internet-based platform. What an amazing thing know that Shoulder to Shoulder for the children is providing a platform that join three wonderful aspects, it is offline, contains world quality content, and overall, it is free. People that passed through our pit were surprised to hear that kolibri is the solution to most of the connectivity issues that teachers are facing every day. It is our conviction that in the future we will have alliances with other NGOs to continue expanding Kolibri around our beloved forgotten Honduras.

CREE team explaining about the impact of Kolibri.

During the chance one-minute interview, we emphasized our impact: so far, +17,000 students, +500 teachers, and +100 schools.

Also, when we brought Laura, our robot (built-in 2019 to represent Honduras in the world robotic competition, First Global), it caught everyone's attention as it was unique. Moreover, it was shaking and delivering flyers to the presents.

Laura, the robot, is greeting people and delivering flyers.

Our goal is to get to those places where the hope of getting a digital education is lost; however, it can only be possible without the intervention of our donors. Thanks a lot for helping us to sow a seed of hope in our children!