For Some Time my Eyes have Looked Tired, but my Heart has Been Smiling…

 I have always thought that being an adult is hard but being an adult, a student, and a worker is even harder when a person has had little experience with that sort of life. Especially having virtual classes when one hasn’t really been exposed to technology for most of their lives. As it is my case, I was in touch with technology until about five years ago. 

As I am writing this now, I am remembering how much I used to run away from technology. When I was a highschooler, one of my siblings wanted me to learn the use of technology. While he was very interested in it, I always felt afraid of using any technological device. I attended computer lessons, but just because my brother had paid for them. I observed people working with the computers, and was attracted by seeing how fast they were able to type, and all of the other things they were able to do. I was too nervous to even touch the device, I did not feel capable of getting anything done with it. Life passed by, I developed other skills (many other), but I was still running away from technological devices. 

Later on I decided to become a teacher, I still did not feel the need of using technology, I loved creating my materials (I still do). However, after a year of teaching, I found out that one of the keys to successful education is the ability to manage technology. 

In 2018, I became a Shoulder to Shoulder employee; I faced many challenges. One of them was that the main work happens through technology and I continued being afraid of it, but decided to take  it on. I had by then discovered that I could also develop technology skills, as I had also acquired the other skills. 

While working with Shoulder to Shoulder I have learned  a lot of things technology related, people have been patient with me throughout my learning process and pace. Which makes me feel connected to teachers who are now facing the same difficulties I had by then, and so as we are doing school visits now, I try being as helpful as I can with them because I have been in their position. And because I have managed my way with technology, I believe other people can also do it. 

I still have a whole lot  to learn about it, my eyes might be tired, and my heart will continue to smile as I develop other skills, and help others to overcome the fear of using technology.