Working Alongside the Ministry of Education

Since the start of our project at CREE, Shoulder to Shoulder has sought to work alongside the Ministry of Education. We firmly believe that their continued support will help our communities build sustainable projects. This school year has been no different in that respect, we continue seeking ways to assist learning within the Frontera on the micro end while maintaining communication with the Ministry of Education on the macro end. Thanks to our staff's meetings in recent weeks we feel confident that soon we will have fruitful results, specifically in acquiring Honduran textbooks and resources to make readily available on our CREE Kolibri channel. Reminding us that all of our efforts over the years have been building to this. Below is a picture of our board member Plutarco Rivera back in 2019 with the Technical Assistant of External Cooperation for the Ministry of Education at the signing of an agreement on our collaboration. Our efforts continue because now more than ever our students can benefits from having these learning materials at home, to encourage their growth and remove barriers towards completion of their education.

Signing of our agreement in 2019. Pictured: MOE representative (left) & Plutarco Rivera (right)

You can also read the agreement signed with the Ministry of Education in the link below.