Time That Passes; Time to Grow

As time passes by, our dreams become reality. Just a couple of years ago Shoulder to Shoulder started implementing Kolibri in our educational programs. For us, it was a great way to start effective learning, for teachers it was a great challenge, and for students, it was a mix of feelings of excitement, nervousness, and maybe just a little fear of what could happen to the equipment in their hands, but above all the desire of learning with the new tool, the school was providing. Never seen students in rural areas in Intibucá using technology (tablets and computers) for their learning, that was powerful!

Star teachers of 2021

Time continued to move on as it always does, and we continued to work on expanding our programs to more schools. The program succeeded due to the hard work teachers were putting into it. Because for them it represents extra work, worth their time once they discover the great resource Kolibri is for the teaching-learning process. We have heard from some of them how difficult it still is to handle technology, but the desire of helping their students has kept them motivated to spend their time dedicated to learning the use of Kolibri. 

Teachers that have been part of the star teachers group for more than a year…

We thank those teachers who are making the greatest efforts to excel with their student’s education, and at the end of each school year, we celebrate them. In 2021 we had three new star teachers joining the group of already 10 super teachers. Their efforts and achievements are evidence of the work they do throughout the year. 

”Having kolibri used for independent learning has helped us, and saved us some money on printings, because it contains the text book from the Secretaria de educación.” ”The tablet program at home has helped us to have connectivity with all of sixth grade, and also to run the reading program that we were participating at” ”I had a new experience using kolibri this was the first time we had students taking tablets home and it was a success!”

We are very glad to be supporting dedicated teachers and our expectation for this year is to grow, to have more members joining the star teachers group!