My name is Nora Esmirna Diaz Claros. I was born in Camasca, Intibucá on October 30th, 1977. I´m the fifth member in a family of nine siblings. I studied in different elementary schools since my family and I moved from one place to another because of my father´s job. Then, I went to Santo Tomas de Aquino Institute to continue with my studies. After that, I went to Nuevo Mundo Institute in La Esperanza to finish high school. In 1995, I had to move to San Pedro Sula where I attended UPN (National Pedagogical University) to study English and work simultaneously. I was a teacher assistant for five years at the Episcopal school, The Good Shepherd. Then I worked as an English teacher in a private elementary school and a public institute in the same city. Nowadays, I work in Camasca at Santo Tomas de Aquino Institute teaching English to most of the student population we have there.


I would like to get a master´s degree on English grammar not only to work at the UPN, but also to motivate students to learn English as a foreign language in order to become professionals with better opportunities.