More Opportunities to Succeed

As every day, each year is a new opportunity to make changes, growth they call it, and so do we. We (Shoulder to Shoulder) are taking this phrase up to its meaningful concept, our programs are led with enthusiasm and responsibility so, growth comes with each accomplishment. And even being a very small team in members, we are huge in willingness to succeed!

Just the 11th of February we had a very successful meeting with the new Department Director of Education in Intibucá, Gloria Albertina Garcia, she is with no doubt a very enthusiastic person. Our meeting with her was very productive, we got to explain our work to her and the relationships created with those who preceded her. The work we have done in partnership with the Department of Education, the successes in each program and also introduced her to the new programs that are being planned for implementation with their support. Although she is a provisional Department Director of education, she has such a personality that gives us the opportunity to believe that our purposes for this year and the partnerships that continue to be built are led to a progressive future.

The day we met she showed excitement for all the projects and program we plan to partner with, so we are ready to work alongside!

Gloria García Department Director of Education Intibucá (blue scarf), Shoulder to Shoulder team members