Making an exceptional impact!

What drives people to do things with dedication and passion? This is a question that has millions of answers because in this world everyone works towards individual goals; however, some goals bring people together in order to accomplish them. This is what happens in the Southern of Intibucá, Honduras, we are all working hard and with a dedication to accomplish one goal, to provide a STEM education in all the frontier!! We are working shoulder to shoulder to make it possible!!

While we work hard to get to meet our goals, it is important to recognize the effort and leadership role that people take throughout the process. This is what Shoulder to Shoulder and Learning Equality did this past week, six of our teachers were awarded for their outstanding leadership with CREE’s Kolibri project.

These teachers come from different places, they teach kids of different ages and grades. Each one of them has encountered many difficulties, but their passion and commitment to education have pushed them to find solutions. Within the group, there are two teachers (Efrain and Oneyda) who are at the elementary level. Coming from a very rural area, none of them had prior knowledge of how to use technology to teach their classes.

Nevertheless, they have shown that everything is possible when people are motivated by their heart’s desires. The teachers worked many extra hours to map the Khan Academy lessons onto the official Honduran Curriculum. By the end of 2019, this school has become one of our models, not only for how they have been using the equipment but also their methodology to teach their little learners.

Likewise, within this group of teachers, some are at the High School level. They have demonstrated their enthusiasm by unselfishly teaching other teachers the best strategies to deliver quality education to their students. Also, one of these leaders (Josias) had the initiative to enroll his students in the physics Olympics from which three students classified into the national competition. Even more, Josias was using Kolibri to prepare himself to take the national test to be the lab director at the High School and guess what? He approved it!!  What amazing testimonies that motivate us to keep working hard

 Each one of these teachers is gifted with talents that we would have liked to mention, and we summarize them in a few words: they are making an outstanding and exceptional impact in the frontier community!

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