My name is Gerson Misael Quitero Quintano. I am 17 years old and a native of the small village El Carmen.

I was born on February 1, 2001 my parents are Ma Virginia Quintano and Jose Alfredo Quintero. I spent a very happy childhood along with my parents and my two siblings.

I started my studies at the Ramon Rosa School in the village of El Carmen. There I spent my first 6 years of study, then I went to the high school Santo Tomás de Aquino for 7th-9th grade. After that, I decided to take my baccalaureate that I am currently studying in order to graduate this year. In this institution is where I have learned many of the things I know, I have been a good student so my parents feel proud. My goals are to be a very successful lawyer. If that’s not possible I want to fight in order to help people with family problems, or any other problems they have. And when this happens, I want to support and help my parents because I know they have struggled to support me my studies.