Building Success Little by Little

How I would have liked the opportunity of growing up and having at least a little access to technology, but that was out of reach. Having a mobile phone was unthinkable, and worse was thinking of having a smartphone, a tablet or a computer; that was just a high society thing. Not even in our future did there seem to be hope for the opportunity of interacting with an electronic device. And we grew up like that, wishing we had had a better luck. Time continued to move on, life was changing, things were changing, people were changing and with it a new mindset was arising.   

With the construction of a STEM center in La Frontera of Intibucá, more tools to encourage learning are being brought, it is definitely giving us a new hope. Seeing the walls built up is seeing our youth finding opportunities and opening doors to success. It is seeing them working to build their future, it is engaging them to develop skills.  It is knowing that they will not have to spend their adult life developing computer skills, because they will have developed them already. It is empowering them and letting them know we believe in them. It is knowing they will be taking advantage of every opportunity that comes near.

Each block represents a step to success for our youth

Our youth is busy, they are building the future little by little. And to us, each block represents a step to the success for our youth… through STEM education.