Robotics Inspires STEM Education


Why Robots?

The future is technology. In any society students must be equipped with more than just a basic education. Working in a resource-poor country it takes creativity to get students on a competitive skill level with the rest of the developed world.  Focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects can help to set students up with the skills they will need to find a job. Using robots, students are able to learn skills such as creativity, logic, problem solving, team work and the use of technology. It is a higher thinking activity. The Mindstorm Lego robot kits and FIRST Global competitions that our students work with are all about solving world problems, adding in a much larger and more important component to the work.

What are We Doing?

  • FIRST Global robotics competition - the first competition was held in Washington D.C. in July 2017, and we are raising funds and recruiting students with hopes to equip another team to go to the 2018 competition in Mexico City
  • High school robotics club in Camasca - led by the 7 students who competed as Team Honduras in the FIRST Global competition in 2017
  • Camasca Bilingual School robotics club - team of 6 excelling 4th grade students working on Lego Mindstorms Challenges, mentored by the high school students from Team Honduras and volunteer Sandy Carey

Read more about our ongoing robotics activities and stories on our blog!