Creating Connections that Strengthen Education

Ever since our organization began, one of our biggest dreams has been developing work relationships with other local entities to ensure sustainability on the programs we start in every town we reach.  Just last year we had the great opportunity of reaching out to all 17 municipalities of the beloved Intibucá department, with our Educational platform Kolibri. We spent months with long days at work. It was exciting, the dream of reaching every town in Intibucá was about to be accomplished!                                  

As we continue moving forward with our programs we continue to seek partnerships with those who are willing to be the other shoulder to our programs in their communities; mayors of the towns a the key to lead programs to success in each municipality. 

 Last March we had the chance to meet Mayor Norman Sánchez and his staff from Intibucá municipality. We had a very short meeting. It lasted a couple of minutes, but went straight to the point. We call it success. It was the chance that opened the door to develop a working relationship between both entities. One of the agreements from that meeting was signing an understanding letter to work together on educational projects.

 Our work together has begun. We have installed the Kolibri platform on one of their offices’ devices, Oficina de Niñez, Adolescencia y Juventud, it is being used to benefit children who have no access to the internet. They go to the office to search for resources to complete their school assignments. 

Shoulder to Shoulder personal and Intibucá mayor Norman Sánchez (second to last on the left side)

Another agreement from that meeting was that mayor Norman and his corporation would buy smart TVs for the 9 schools Shoulder to Shoulder has placed technological equipment in that municipality, really excited to share that this promise has already been fulfilled. On July first we had the pleasure of attending a very special event that was held by Intibucá municipality to deliver the smart TVs to the principals of each participating school. We are thrilled to continue working together as the projects keep moving forward, and we look forward to continuing creating connections to strengthen the education in our department!

Lourdes Oficina de Niñez, Juventud y Adolescencia Intibucá Municipality

We celebrate Norman Sánchez and his coorporation’s leadership!