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Seven young people and their coaches from Camasca.


Camasca, Honduras! It's almost in El Salvador

Most had never been out of the Frontera.

Now they have traveled to Tegucigalpa, met the US ambassador to Honduras, the Mayor of Tegucigalpa and a US Congressman.  In July 2017, they traveled to Washington DC and competed with kids from 140 other countries from all over the world.

Daniel Marquez


Math Teacher

Nora Diaz

Assistant Coach

English Teacher



Melissa Floribeth Lemus Portillo

Team Member

Daniela Margarita Alvarado Ayala

Team member

Gessler Mauricio Hernández Milla

Team Member

Edy Dionisio Bautista Díaz

Team Member

Hacknel Alexis Reyes Del Cid

Team Member

Jerson Enmanuel Martínez Díaz

Team Member

Eric Rosendo Sierra Laínez

Team Member